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Shield of Snakes


Shield Of Snakes are brothers who play from the soul and do it for the love of playing music. The band was founded by brothers Noel Holloway (Bass and Vox) and Ian Holloway (Guitar and Vox). Sean Rhead (Drums) keeps everyone in time with thunderous beats and rolls. Dan Frick (Ride The Sun) rounds out the band on guitar creating a massive wall of sound. The Holloway brothers moved to San Diego from Georgia in 1994 and have been in other active bands throughout the years. Sean Rhead and Dan Frick, San Diego natives, dropped by for a jam and are now integral parts of the writing process. The band play energetic shows and create dynamic, haunting records. Influenced by countless bands throughout history, Shield Of Snakes tip the hat to great rock bands of the past with an honest, melodic and originally creative approach. The band are currently working on their third album, “Staring Into The Abyss.” The second album, “The Devil’s Hand,” is available on most streaming platforms. The first album, “Shield Of Snakes” is also available. Thanks for listening!!




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